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Production: Darkside of the Half Moon

Wednesday 11th September - Saturday 14th September 2013

Production: Darkside of the Half Moon (2013)For years a bunch of mates have drunk in their local pub The Half Moon - a traditional fleapit of an English pub. But all is about to change when the landlord, Trevor, decides The Half Moon is to become a trendy cafe bar. The locals, Jesus an ageing Pink Floyd fan, Harry a journalist and Tommy an allotment holder, are appalled by this and decide to revolt.

Add to the mix the huge tensions between Trevor and his brother Rob, an ex-footballer; something obviously going on between Trevor and Shelagh, the cleaner; Tommy's nephew Stan, who is a few sandwiches short of a picnic; and Trevor's missing wife Maria, and you have a perfect combination of hilarious laughs with more than a hint of mystery.

Written by National TV Comedy Award nominees Brian Walsh & Neil Armstrong, this is a great comedy for one and all, especially if you harbour an affection for the traditional old boozer!

Cast List
  • Trevor – Neil Armstrong
  • Tommy – Bob Stott
  • Jesus – Paul Dunn
  • Harry – Keith Henderson
  • Rob – James Hedley
  • Shelagh – Kylie Ann Ford
  • Stan – Gareth Hunter
  • Maria/ASM – Danielle Miller

Production Team
  • Directors – Jackie Fielding and Gareth Hunter
  • Lighting and Sound – Customs House
  • Production designer – Ruby Hirst